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Warrior In Two Worlds: Healing from Broken Ways by Don Standing Bear Forest

In this world of division, strife, fear, and pain, many of us suffer from broken ways, such as addictions, unhealthy relationships, and trying to be who we are not, in our effort to navigate this life and experience some enjoyment along the way.
Don Standing Bear uses his gift of sharing his life’s stories: the good, the bad, and the ugly, holding nothing back, to take his reader on an inspirational journey of healing from broken ways. As a Native American, who had ignored his heritage, he had heard it call to his heart with the beat of the native drum but did not answer the call until many years later, which became one important part of his story, but this is only part of his story. Addiction and feeling too far gone for redemption also plagued him, but this was not to be where his story ends.
May you find in these pages the inspiration, hope, encouragement, and love that will help you move from the world of broken ways to the world of healing and wholeness, and may you find your true identity. May you “Walk in Beauty.”

What People are saying:

"Don and Edie journeys toward their true selves are presented very well. They illustrate the importance of growth through embracing more than one culture. This will help those of us who come from different peoples of this earth. Many of us are learning through DNA who we are related to genetically and to reach calm esss with it all we must embrace all.
In gratitude

Don Standing Bear and Edie Forest at Wiconi Family Camp and Powwow in July 2023

Where to Purchase My Book:

  • Missing Moose Cafe & Mercantile, Two Rivers, Alaska

  • Twigs Alaskan Gifts, Fairbanks International Airport

  • Chena Outdoor Collective, Two Rivers, Alaska

  • Bear Gallery, Fairbanks, Alaska

  • McCarthy Lodge, McCarthy, Alaska

  • The Place Church, Wickenburg, Arizona

"I would have to write a book to write this review. Tragedies, Despair, No Hope, - Hope; No Inspiration
- Inspiration; stories woven from the authors heart to share a warm blanket with us. And for many of us; it's been a long hard cold journey. It is a weaving of true spirit; true intestinal fortitude; and within the woven blanket are glimmers of light; shining brightly for all of us to see; and to, in turn; weave our own blankets; to comfort others. It is a gift to share - and the gift has been shared."

"This is an engrossing and inspirational "must read" book, beautifully written straight from the author's heart about his despair and ultimate victory. Whether one is struggling, knows someone who needs a nudge to seek help, or just wants a good read, I highly recommend this captivating story."

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