My Art

My Elders taught me respect for traditional Native Ways, and that it is my responsibility to share this knowledge.  We believe that when “looking” for moose, caribou and other game that our spirit has to be right with Creator.  In this manner the moose or caribou “gives itself” to us.  All of the animal is used for food, clothing, utensils, tools, and for use in adornment to honor the gift of it’s life to sustain our life.

The best way to experience my art is to visit me at one of the events I attend each year (see my current calendar), or to visit one of the galleries that represent me. But you can also browse portfolios of some of the carvings, wampum, and jewelry I have made over the years by clicking on the photos below.

Where to Find My Art

UAF Museum of The North Fairbanks, Alaska • The Alaska House Gallery Fairbanks, Alaska • Sea Alaska Heritage Center Juneau, AlaskaThe Little Bull York Beach, Maine • Carson’s Antique Gallery of the West Wickenburg, Arizona • Kachina House Sedona, Arizona • The Autry Museum Los Angeles, California • Unicorn Gallery Chama, NM • A Shared Blanket Durango,CO • Dragonfly Warrenton, VA • Santa Fe Japan Connection Santa Fe, NM • New Traditions Fair Trade Olympia WA • Mille Lac Indian Museum Onamia, MN • Bluehorse Woman Van Horn, TX • Ms Squaw Indian Handicrafts McGill, NV • River Trading Post Scottsdale, AZ • Little Feathers Hawthorn, CA • Katy’s Madison, WI • SAGE Camden, ME • Khot-La-Cha North Vancouver, BC, Canada • Lakota Museum Chamberlaine, SD • MD SASU  (3 museums) Strasbourg, France